Maria Cuji
Identity, print, digital, layout

A pamphlet and social media content showcasing a knowledge exchange project and garment by Maria Cuji.

148 × 210 mm (A5)
8 pages
80gsm, off-white matte stock throughout
saddle stiched
animated story and post
typeset in Futura and GT America

Identity, digital, layout, writing


is a publishing platform focusing on the politics of contemporary cultural and economic production. The visual identity designed takes cues from digital brutalism and anti-design to convey the platform’s ironic, yet refined content. Visit it 


website and social media content
typeset in Arial and Times New Roman

Situationist travel guide

Publication, print, layout, writing

This alternative travel guide invites the reader to construct travel experiences in the city of Szeged that exclude consumerist behaviour, through the Situationist practice of “dérive”.

105 × 210 mm
28 pages
300gsm matte covers, 70gsm matte body
saddle stiched
typeset in Editorial New and Neue Haas Grotesk

Typographic mapping
Print, layout

Inspired by Oulipo literature, these alternative maps typographically rearrange the streets and locations of the City of London. Through this reversed cartographic process, they imagine new and speculative spaces.

285 × 405 mm
4 maps
120gsm coated stock
typeset in GT America Mono

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